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DV Fresh is a dynamic family business from Pittem founded in 2000 by Dirk Verkinderen and Hilde Lannoo. The company focuses as a vegetable cutting business with an extensive range on the retail market, prepared meal manufacturers, caterers companies and wholesalers. There is an offer of freshly cut raw salads, uncooked food mixtures, salads, soups vegetables, stewed vegetables, salads meals, potato-related products, croutons, mushrooms, ...

Innovation is the focal point, from seed house (selecting the right varieties) to the cultivation of vegetables, cutting and packing in the right packaging, whereby the entire production chain is involved. The modern machinery ensures that the fresh vegetables are treated as well as possible in order to achieve a lasting result.

DV Fresh produces both under its own brand “GOURMET GREENS” as under a private label for retail customers, as well as customization for the processing food industry.

Thinking creatively and innovatively together with the customer is therefore the objective.

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